The world of Elite Class

Elite Class starts through L&D with the challenge of swapping the concept of car air freshener.

L&D is a trademark available in more than 80 countries, its facilities count with its own laboratories and its own team of perfumers in collaboration with Classfragance, developing the range of Elite Class in order to provide a perfume for the car.

It is a constant innovation, in a well-known world by L&D where its success is demonstrated during the last decades.

This is how Elite Class begin the development of perfumes based on fragrances of exclusive essences for car, is the continuous innovation of a futuristic product.

Nowadays and after larges trials during the past two years, with a constant improvement of products, tested on various international markets, obtaining a feedback and developing various formats and packaging, our range ONE is created.

The line consists of three different fragrances which are sharing characteristics: ONE Vip, ONE Billion and ONE Exclusive.

Two products formats are offered, the traditional version of paper and spray.

Elite Class is located in the Spanish facilities of L&D, in the heart of the Technological Almería Centre PITA, where the offices are expanded over 8.000 square meters.